Brand Design: Pinxe Taco

When one of your brothers-in-law decides to open up a taqueria, you design a fun logo for him!

The owner and taquero at Pinxe Taco is a professionally-trained chef. He worked for years as the head pastry chef at a resort in Cancun. When he decided to move from the coast to central Mexico, he traded sweet for savory and started serving gourmet street food in his hometown. When we discussed the style of his brand, he wanted to steer away from the traditional Mexican colors and patterns that so many businesses in the country use. So, I designed an elegant modern-vintage logo that would set him apart visually and reflect the quality of his food. The neon burst element symbolizes the flavor explosion when you taste his delicious creations!

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June 2022
Paulina Cioce
Brand Design: Pinxe Taco
Brand Design: Pinxe Taco
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